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       -Why Massage?-

Benefits of massage...
 Unfortunately, stress is a part of life. It affects all systems in the body. In fact, experts agree that stress is responsible for 90% of illness and disease, making stress management essential to our overall well being. Stress even influences the way we age by causing damage to DNA in our cells. Self care is not a luxury, it is  crucial to our overall wellbeing. Massage helps the body as a whole, not just the parts.

-Massage helps with ...-




*better sleep.

*better range of motion.

*pain reduction.

*boots immunity.

*aids in flexibility.

*aids in circulation.

*eases tired muscles.

*helps with migraines and other headaches.


I am a massage therapist  located in Waxhaw, North Carolina. I am an LMBT trained at the North Carolina School of Massage and Bodywork. I have a certification in lymphatic drainage as well as training in oncology massage and prenatal massage. I'm committed to helping you feel your very best with a range of treatments to best suit your needs.


We are a family owned business in Waxhaw NC, where I live  with my husband (who is also a LMBT) and our three children.

We love this community.  I look forward to helping those in our community feel their very best.



We offer holistic care in a relaxed setting​​ to help your body begin to heal naturally. We  offer a wide range of therapies from relaxation to clinical massage to aid in the healing process.

Swedish Massage- a relaxation massage with long, smooth strokes; to help you relax and de-stress.

Neuromuscular Massage- More focused massage; can be deep tissue.

uses trigger points to release tired muscles for lasting results.


Pregnancy Massage- focuses on the mother to be. The expectant mother's body changes throughout her pregnancy. Helps with fatigue and stress. May help with labor.

Deep Tissue Massage- deep, sustained pressure to relieve muscle tension and injuries improves range of motion and overall wellbeing. 

Oncology Massage-For clients battling cancer. Relaxation, stress relief. 

All massages are :

- $80 for 60 minutes

  - $110 for 90 minutes

All services are by appointment only.

 Contact the number below to book

your appointment.


6907 Birdsong Lane, Waxhaw, NC, USA


please allow up to 24 hours for response

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